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written by Chinedu Eluwa on February 23, 2022

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As at today 20th of February, I have spent 9years, 11 months and 1 day doing Grasscutter business. By this same time next month I would have spent a decade of my life doing Grasscutter business. Over the years, I have identified 3 fascinating reasons why people like Grasscutter farming and here they are…1. NO OFFENSIVE SMELL:Unlike poultry, Catfish, pig etc Grasscutters do not have an offensive smell. When I started my Grasscutter farming business at okpoko, my cage was infront of my room. I was studying for my Masters degree at Nnamdi Aikiwe University Awka, Anambra State at that time. I’d come back from school in the evening and feed them ugu stem. They would wake me up by 12 midnight by dragging the cage with their teeth kpa kpa kpa, a sign for “Mr man come and give us food nah, won’t you wake up and read?”Grasscutters are neat animals and do not produce an offensive smell. 2. YOU DON’T NEED MUCH SPACE:The template for housing a colony of Grasscutter is 5ft x 2ft. For those who don’t know, a colony of Grasscutter is made up of 1 male & 4 females. With 2 four decker cages of 5ft x 2ft you can comfortably house 5 males and 20 female Grasscutter. If you have a spare room in your house you can position the 2 cages by the wall with your animals , cater for them and watch them grow & multiply.3. AFFORDABLE COST OF FEEDING:Do you know how much a bag of chicken feed costs? The prices are around something like this…Pre Layer Mash (25kg): ₦5,200 – ₦6,200. Broiler Finisher Feed (25kg): ₦6,650 – ₦7,650. Starter Feed (25kg): ₦7,000 – ₦8,000. Hybrid Broiler Finisher Mash (25kg): ₦5,450 – ₦6,450. The prices are around the same thing for fish but am not too sure. In Grasscutter Farming, virtually everything you feed them can be sourced around you…Elephant GrassGuinea grassSugarcaneMaize WatermelonUgu stem etcWhen I started my Grasscutter farming business, one of neighbors who was a Secondary school student would go to school in the morning with a matchet and an empty sack. During break time he would go and cut Elephant grass in the school field for feeding the Grasscutters. I on my own part, when am living the house in the morning, I will drop empty rice bags with women who sell ugu at Afia ojoto and also with the woman who sells pineapple. After selling their Ugu leaves, they would pack the Ugu stems that was supposed to be thrown away at the Dustbin site at Okpoko 2 in my bags, so also the woman selling pineapple. She would pack the crown and body parts of the pineapple cut out while selling her pineapples in my bags. A classic case of one man’s trash another man’s treasure. #chinedueluwa#grasscutterfarming#GrasscutterFarmingPays P.S: If you loved this, you’d love more of the content I share on my Facebook profile. Click the link below to follow me on Facebook…https://web.facebook.com/chinedueluwaClick on the link, it will open my profile, then click “FOLLOW.” P.S.S: Click the link below to join these 200 lucky people who will learn how to make $60/N35,000 Per Colony of Grasscutter…Even If You Don’t Have a Grasscutter Farm.https://selar.co/4fga

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Chinedu Eluwa

Chinedu Eluwa is one of the worlds most sought after Grasscutter Farming Business Consultant . Within the last 5 years he has sold over N30,000,000 worth of Grasscutter Farming products & services from his home. He is the founder of Highly Paid Grasscutter Farming Network.

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