5 hard truths about grasscutter farming



written by Chinedu Eluwa on February 21, 2022

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5 hard truths about gc farming

TRUTH #1: YOU WILL NOT HAVE A PROFITABLE FARM IF YOU STARTED YOUR GRASSCUTTER FARM FOR FUN.I know how cute Grasscutters can be. Some of my customers bought their Grasscutters from me just for the fun of having to see and feed the Grasscutters everyday. As cool as that can be, you will not make profits from your farm as you will be stuck enjoying the beauty of Grasscutters. This will leave you not exploring the profitability of Grasscutter farming. Here is what you should do instead…The demand for Grasscutters both for food and for breeding is on the increase.Often times we order Grasscutters from neighboring countries like Ghana, Benin, Togo etc to be able to supply the demands.Imagine selling a colony of Grasscutter for N125,000?That’s for 1 male and 4 female rodents. If you sell 10 colonies to breeders you have N1,250,000 and that is for weaners. Now imagine where you sell adults for as much as 185,000? At 10 colonies we will be talking about N1,850,000.This is the more reason why you should start your Grasscutter farm for profit 7 not for fun. TRUTH #2: YOU WILL FAIL IF YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GRASSCUTTER FARMING.If you start your Grasscutter farming business just because you feel like it, you will shed premium tears. You need to have at least a basic knowledge of what Grasscutter farming is all about.You need to know how much you need to start a Grasscutter Farming business.You need to know the tools you need in your Grasscutter Farm. You need to know how to build appropriate housing for Grasscutters. You need to know the best specie of Grasscutters to start your farm with. Having adequate knowledge about Grasscutter farming will ensure you start your farm the right way. What I suggest you do is learn what and what you will need to put in place to start a successful Grasscutter business. I will recommend you get the ebook titled “This is how you start a Grasscutter Farming Business.” Its a 29 page ebook that shows you how to start a Grasscutter Farming business in 20 mins of reading time. Let me know if you need a copy.TRUTH #3: YOU CAN’T DEPEND ONLY ON YOUR GRASSCUTTER FARMING BUSINESS AS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF INCOME IF YOU HAVE LESS THAN 50 COLONIES It takes about 8 months for 1 female Grasscutter (weaner) to litter.Can you afford to just fold your hands for 8 months and wait for your females to multiply so that you can start selling when you don’t have a lot of females? That would be a bad move if you ask me, except you have a lot of breeding females. To maximize the time in between, what I suggest you do is to combine that your small scale farm with another micro-livestock business with say poultry business of maybe broiler production or layers for egg production. You can also combine it with Catfish farming or rabbit farming.The point is to generate income for your farm while you wait for your Grasscutters to litter (Except you bought adult animals).Start your Grasscutter Farming business alongside another micro-livestock business that will generate income before your Grasscutters litter. TRUTH #4: IF YOU WANT YOUR GRASSCUTTER FARM TO GROW THEN YOU MUST TREAT IT AS A BUSINESS.Don’t just see it as a Grascutter Farm, see it as a business. A business is a living entity that has its own life. Do well to give it the necessary nutrients it needs to grow. Ensure that everything that is going to ensure the success of the business is provided.This is not a guarantee of no challenges, hell no, this is a guarantee that you will grow from the challenges.A business does expenses. If you ask me, I will say that your biggest and most important expenses apart from feeding should be your Ad budget. Spend money to advertise your business.Advertisement will help to fast-forward the growth of your business by showing what you do to more people beyond your scope of influence.Don’t dash Grasscutter to people except it is with an underlying intention. A lot of people when they hear that I breed Grasscutters, will start demanding for Table size Grasscutters forgetting that I sell these animals to feed myself, family and fund my other expenses. These people will not think from the angle of… “let me buy 1 Grasscutter from Eze-Nchi to support his ministry.”Take care of your business and it will take care of you. TRUTH #5: DON’T NEGLECT DOCUMENTATION/RECORD KEEPING IN YOUR FARM. Ensure that you document anything you observe in your farm.Did you see your Grasscutter mating? document it.Did you see the animal giving birth? document it.Is the animal sick? document the symptoms.Often times when you would want to reach out to your mentor for help on an issue, the best way to do that is by sending them an image or a video of your observation.This ensures that you have data available for discussion and learning.#chinedueluwa#grasscutterfarming#GrasscutterFarmingPays P.S: If you loved this, you’d love more of the content I share on my Facebook profile. Click the link below to follow me on Facebook…https://web.facebook.com/chinedueluwaClick on the link, it will open my profile, then click “FOLLOW.” P.S.S: Click the link below to join these 200 lucky people who will learn how to make $60/N35,000 Per Colony of Grasscutter…Even If You Don’t Have a Grasscutter Farm.https://selar.co/4fga

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