Advanced Grasscutter Farming Online Video Course

Welcome to this 7-Module course presented by yours truly. I recommend that you turn off all notifications and distractions and take notes while watching the videos below. Putting into practice what you learn here will be well worth your time and attention.

MODULE #1. Introduction to Grasscutter Farming

In this video, I will introduce you to the fundamentals of  Grasscutter Farming. You will discover the advantages and the disadvantages of Grasscutter farming and how to maximize your advantages

MODULE #2. The right way to house Grasscutters

There are 3 systems for housing Grasscutters and in this module you will learn about them and also the recommended type for commercial Grasscutter Farming. You also get the measurements for making the cages.

MODULE #3. Sourcing & Selecting The Right Breeding Stocks

In this Module, you’ll discover the criteria you should use when sourcing for your foundation stocks for your animals. This is where a lot of farmers get it wrong, but with what you will learn in this video you will get it right.

MODULE #4. Grasscutter Nutrition

In this module you will learn everything about Grasscutter Nutrition. You will learn the various food they eat in captivity and the best feeding system for them. You will also learn how to make supplementary feed for them.

MODULE #5. Science of Reproduction

Module 5 exposes you to the science of reproduction in Grasscutter Farming. You will learn the 2 types of mating, how to know when a successful mating takes place, how to identify pregnancy in Grasscutters and post partum handling.

MODULE #6. Grasscutter Health Management

Grasscutters are hardy animals but they still fall ill. In this module you will learn the diseases Grasscutters are prone to, their symptoms, treatments & preventive measures to take. 

MODULE #7. Grasscutter Marketing Mastery

In this final module, you’ll learn how to put together a winning marketing campaign to sell your Grasscutters. It is not just about production, how do you market that which you have produced? join me inside this module to find out.

BONUS VIDEO #1. Facebook Advertising For Grasscutter Farmers

In this video you will learn how to setup a Facebook advertising campaign for your Grasscutter Farming products & services.

BONUS VIDEO #2. WhatsApp Marketing For Grasscutter Farming

Learn how to use your WhatsApp to market your Grasscutter products & services.

2021 Updates

COMING SOON: Facebook Marketing For Grasscutter Farmers

In this video you will learn how to use Facebook to profitably market your Grasscutter Business. We will talk about paid and organic traffic. See you Inside.

COMING SOON: WhatsApp Marketing For Grasscutter Farmers

In this video you will learn WhatsApp marketing strategies that you can use to generate 6-7figures from your Grasscutter business.