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GC Faq

Often times when prospective Grasscutter Farmers call me or chat me up, most of the questions they ask me are questions that have been asked me over and over and over again. Based on that I decided to compile all the questions I frequently get about Grasscutter and answer them.So below are 94 Frequently asked questions in Grasscutter Farming and their answers… Q1. Permanent mating and temporal mating which is the best practice?A1: Temporal Mating is the best. In temporal Mating, when the females are sexually mature, they are introduced to the males. They are left together until the females are pregnant and they are then moved to another cage.But in permanent mating, the male and female grasscutters are allowed to mate together in the same pen but the young are moved to another cage after they have been weaned.Both have their advantages and disadvantages.Advantages of permanent mating Increased breeding cycleDisadvantage of permanent mating Difficult to identify the mother of each offspring Less control over reproduction Risk of cannibalism Risk of exhausting reproductive females Under-exploitation of the maleAdvantages of temporary mating Clear identification of mother and offspring Excellent management of breeding process Reduced risk of adult male killing offspringDisadvantages of temporary mating Increased investment (several cages needed) Need for larger space to house females Reduced number of litters per female and per yearQ2. How will someone know if ur Grasscutter is pregnant?A2: Pregnancy can be diagnosed by abdominal palpation three weeks after mating By a definite change in body weight four weeks after mating and intermittent vaginal bleeding five weeks after mating. Through the Cotton Bud TestQ3. What weather condition is suitable for raising grasscutter?A3: Rainy season is suitable for breeding Grasscutters, because then, there is an abundance of forage for them. The Challenge during the rainy season is cold. Do well to protect them from cold this period.Q4. How do I modify the environment to suit them?A4: I suggest that during the rainy season and in cold regions always regulate the temperature of the pen and cages.Q5. What is the appropriate selling price when selling your Grasscutter to consumers?For me, I sell N2,500 per kg (live weight) to members of GRAFAN and N3,000 tonon members.Q6. What are the charges in raising grasscutter, I mean what are the do’s and don’t in bringing them up? Pay attention to what they are saying Always clean their cages every morning. Give them fresh water every morning (though they are not heavy drinkers). Limit the rate at which you handle them Avoid inbreeding Beware of Soldier Ant EtcQ7. How can grasscutter with children be manage? Separate the mother and children from the male to another cage. Provide the mother with adequate food and fresh water Wean them on the 40th day to avoid AloepaciaQ8. What are the signs of heat in Grasscutters? The doe searches for a buck The doe often lifts the tail and wags the tail vigourously Urinates while standing on its hind legs Sometimes when sexually ready or in oestrus, the female grasscutter may present a perforated vaginal membrane with (sealed) or without (open) a hardened vaginal secretion. When not sexually ready or in anoestrus it may present an intact (closed) vaginal membraneQ9. I really want to know how to take care of a pregnant crasscutter?First, the moment you diagnose pregnancy in any Grasscutter, separate her fromthe male to a pregnancy cage. Provide her with balanced diet and fresh water daily. She’ll be fine.Q10. how to handle them during labor?Why do you want to handle them during labour? Are you a doctor?Q11. how to nurture them from birth?Grasscutlings are born Precocious, they eat virtually all their mothers eat. Wean them after 40 days. Stick to taking care of them daily the same way you have been taking care of their parents.Q12. How do u differentiate between male and female? The fastest way is through the anogenitals. The distance between the anogenitals is shorter in females and longer in males.Q13. my biggest question is about its value chain which make it seems like we can only breed for next breeder not for table size?You can process the meat into sausages, meatpies, canned soups, barbecue etc for the final consumer. You can Process the fur into Wallets, Hand bags, Knife & Sword sheaths etc.You can Process the Pancreas for phamaceutical Companies. Grasscutter pancreas is believed to have a high concentration of insulin which can be used in the treatment of diabetes. You can also process the hairs of Grasscutters. The hairs are used to season food just as much as its stomach and intestine contents.Q14. My question is who are my customers eventually?There are 2 groups of people who buy Grasscutters: Consumers who buy table sizes eg, Restaurants, Hotels, Individuals etc. Breeders who buy to breed eg, Individuals, Farms, associations andcoperatives etc.Q15. Can somebody rear grasscutter with wooden cage?Yes you can. Simply construct the cage in such a way that their teeths will not get to the wood.Q16. How can i avoid in-breeding with one colony and yet expand my farm with the one colony?When the female cutlings are sexually mature, get a male outside that one colony and use him to start a new colony.Q17. How do I market my grasscutters?You market Online or offline. I don’t know the state that eats Grasscutter the most, but the demand in Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Edo, Anambra, Oyo etc is VERY high.Q18. Can the young grasscutters from Nigeria be shIpped to another country for breeding because I am from CONGO DRC?Yes it can.Q19. How long does it take grass cutter(male& female) to attain maturity formating?From 6 months for females and 7 months for the males.Q20. How viable is the grasscutter business? How much is needed to invest?Grasscutter farming is viable because of the demand in the breeding stock and also the carcass for meat. To invest you will need at least 150k to 200k for a start.Q21. Is there a demand for grasscutter in Nigeria?Yes.Q22. What are the common diseases that attack grass cutters , what are their symptoms and cure? Check page 17 of the book “Grasscutter Farming Secrets” for a detailed list.Q23. I Have no idea about grass cutter breeding how do I start? First, learn how to breed and handle them. Next, construct your cage Finally stock your breeding stocks.Q24. Where can i get good species to start with?Locate any existing farm or get wild ones from hunters and tame them.Q25. How many grass cutter can one rear in a confine space?A deck should be stocked with 1 male and 4 females.Q26. List five kind of grass cutter specie that have high liter quantity?There are only 2 known species of Grasscutters, Thryonomys Swinderianus and Thryonmys Gregorianus.Q27. Does the mating of male and female happen naturally or is there artificial insemination to be applied?It happens naturally, although i learnt recently that a study on artificial insemination is currently going on.Q28. Someone told me that their cage must be in a dark environment, is that true?Not totally true. He can still keep them where there is light.Q29. What effect has the recent outbreak of Ebola disease had on the investment, profitability and consumption of grass cutters in Nigeria and how hasthis impacted on the industry generally?To get the full questions and their answers, click the link in the comment section. #chinedueluwa#grasscutterfarming#GrasscutterFarmingPaysP.S: If you loved this, you’d love more of the content I share on my Facebook profile. Click the link below to follow me on Facebook… on the link, it will open my profile, then click “FOLLOW.”

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