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1. Grasscutter Farming Business PlanTemplate (APPROVED):

2. The 7 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Grasscutter Farm:

3. How to Construct Iron Cages for Breeding Grasscutters:

4. Structural Plan for constructing a Large Scale commercial Grasscutter Farm:

Side Layout plan: Ground Plan Layout:

5. 94 Frequently Asked Questions in Grasscutter Farming & Their Answers:

6. Facebook Ad Mastery For Grasscutter Farmers:


1. 9 business opportunities in GC farming:

2. Client Cage & Pen proposal template:

3. How To Successfully Supply Grasscutters to your Buyers (Video Training): 

4. How To Carefully Handle Grasscutters to Avoid Cutting Their Tales (Video Training): 

5. How To Profitably Market Your Grasscutters in Nigeria & Beyond (Video Training):