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Grasscutter cutlings

Many times I get a phone call and the same questions are asked. In this post I have answered 38 questions mostly asked by intending Grasscutter Farmers. Take your time and go through them, you will find answers to some of the questions in your mind. You can return to this page from time to time as i will keep updating it when new questions pop up.Enjoy!Question 1: How many months does it take for a Grasscutter to Mature?Answer: There are two types of people who buy Grasscutters. For those that buy to eat, from 10 months, Grasscutters are due for “Table size” . For those who buy to breed, Females that are 3 months and above and males that are 4months and above are ready to be grouped into Families/Colonies.

Question 2: What is a Family or Colony?Answer: Family or Colony, Its the same thing. Some people like to call it familywhile others like to call it colony. I prefer Colony because most of my friends, family and associates call me “The Colony Master.” A Family or colony of Grasscutter is a group of Grasscutter made up of one male and four females. Grasscutters are Polygamous in Nature, the standard grouping is 1 male and 4 females.

Question 3: What is the correct measurement for Iron cages?Answer: There is no specific measurement that constitutes a correct measurement.The correct measurement is dependent on the space around where you want to house them. For me, Version 1.0 of the Grasscutter Customized cages (GCC) that i use has the following measurement:L=37inches, W=20inches, H= 13inches, Space in between each deck: 4inches.  One of the challenges with the G.C.C 1.0 is that when the females get into their sexual maturity month, i will always have to handle them by catching them and introducing them into the cage of the male. But the new G.C.C 2.0 that I designed is built in a way that unlike Version 1.0 where the females occupy one deck and the male occupy the second deck, both 1 male and 4females occupy one deck. The technique used is such that the male and females in the first deck are separated by a door which is opened when the females are matured for sexual activity, thereby limiting the need for handling of the females.

Question 4: How do i market my Grasscutters?Answer: If you are targeting those that buy to eat, then, restaurants, fast foods, local bars, are your Ideal clients. Locate the management of any of these outlets and sell your table sized Grasscutters to them. If you are targeting breeders, then you can get your buyers online or offline. I use a Customer Classification System (C.C.S) and inbound marketing to get and convert my Ideal Clients to paying Customers. 

Question 5: How long does it take for me to start harvesting and selling?Answer: If you are selling to breeders, from 3 months, the females are ready to be sold, while the male is ok to be sold from 4 months. Note: The male has to be older than the female so that he can always have control during sexual activities. If you are selling to consumers, your Males can be sold from 10months. At that stage, they can weigh between 2 to 3.5kg (depending on how you fed them).Question 6: I have 1 plot of land, Can I leave my Grasscutters to move freely on the land?Answer: Well, as beautiful as this idea looks, it is a recipe for disaster. I do not know how Grasscutters manage themselves in the wild, but when you breed Grasscutters in a controlled environment, one of the things you must avoid is INBREEDING. Inbreeding is when animals of the same blood group mate and produce young ones. From my experience, if you practice this concept, those Grasscutters will die of weakgenes. The recommended way to breed Grasscutter is the INTENSIVE SYSTEM. Here the Grasscutter is housed in 3 ways:1. Iron Cages2. Concrete wall cages3. Concrete Floor cages.You can build a hall on that 1 plot and build Concrete Cages inside it for effective breeding.Question 7: Is it only Ugu stem that Grasscutters eat?Answer: Grasscutters eat a variety of foods that you can get around you. In page 31 of the book titled “Grasscutter Farming Secrets”, I listed over 10 foods that they eat which includes but is not limited to: Elephant Grass, Guinea grass, Rice bran, Cassava tubers, Maize etc.Question 8: Can Grasscutters be fattened so that they can reach table size fast?Answer: Yes it is very possible using the right formula. I am about to commission a research at our community- GFRG, we will work towards producing a scientific formula that can be used to boost the Growth rate of Grasscutters.

Question 9: What is the best way to house Grasscutters?Answer: According to page 23 of the book “Grasscutter Money Machine, there are 3 ways to House Grasscutters:1. Extensive system2. Semi Intensive system.3. Intensive System.The Intensive system is the recommended system of production in modern day Grasscutter production. In this system, the Grasscutters are confined to a Grasscutter building all their life. This is the preferred system for large scale Grasscutter production. The Grasscutters are raised in cages or hutches which are located in the Grasscutter building. The intensive system allows for a proper control of the Grasscutter environment, it saves labor, reduces production inefficiency and reduces the possibility of disease infestation.

Question 10: Are there any imported feeds specially made for Grasscutters?Answer: As of the moment of writing this particular word, their is no known imported feed for Grasscutters. The components of the supplements that they eat in the afternoon can be sourced locally. One of them being rice bran. During one of my missionary journeys to Governor Samuel Ortom’s farm, I got prices between N250 and N350 for one bag from rice millers in Benue State.

Question 11: What are the risks involved in Grasscutter farming?Answer: You run a risk of loosing your money if your Grasscutters die. You run a risk of being unhappy, feeling frustrated and wanting to quit. When these feelings come, don’t give in, i have been there. The night is darkest before the morning.Question 12: Can I breed Grasscutters and still keep my day Job?Answer: Of course you can. Grasscutters don’t require much attention. An investmentof 3hrs can be made per day. 1 hour in the morning to clean their cage and feed them, 1hour in the afternoon to bond and feed them, 1hr in the evening to check if they still have any food left, and to put forage if non is left. If this system does not work for you, you can employ a help.

Question 13: What are the steps to starting a Grasscutter Farm?Answer: The first step you should take to start a Grasscutter Farm is to learn how to breed and handle them. You can learn through E-books one on one VIP Coaching or group coaching. The next step is to build their housing. You are either using iron cages, concrete wall cages or concrete floor cages. The 3rd step is to stock the house with your breeding stock.

Question 14: Do Grasscutters bite?Answer: Yes, when stressed.Question 15: Do Grasscutters have offensive smell?

Answer: No they don’t, unlike Chicken and catfish.

Question 16: Do they need any medication?Answer: You can give them antibiotics and vitamins at least once in a month. Oxytetracycline can also be used during treatments.Question 17: How do I transfer them to their cages when they arrive my farm?Answer: Hold them by the hip or tail and bring them out of the box. Check if it is a male or female, then put it in the appropriate cage. Click this link to watch a video where I transferred some Grasscutters to a cage at Bravo Farms Awka, Anambra State.

Question 18: How much can I use to start this business?Answer: A family/colony of Grasscutter (1 male and 4 females plus the transport box and transport cost) sells for N77,000. Between N30,000 and N60,000 can get you a good four decker cage.

Question 19: How can I make their drinker and feeder?Answer: Mix cement and sand depending on the size you want for your drinkerand feeder. Use a square mould to form the drinker and feeder.

Question 20: How can I differentiate between the male and female?Answer: In page 37 of the book Grasscutter money machine, i listed 7 differences like:1. The distance between the urogenital is much shorter in the female than in the male,2. There is a pinkish/yellowish path which is hairless near the location of sex organs in males.3. The female has a smallish narrowly shaped head compared to the bigger roundish head of the male.4. Continue from page 37 of the book “Grasscutter Money Machine.”

Question 21: How can i know that my female Grasscutter is pregnant?Answer: 1. You can observe the belly of the doe protruding at about 3 months after mating (Start from page 36).2. You can also observe the doe resting on her abdomen in the afternoons at about 1pm.3. If the animal is pregnant, the vulva in the vagina will be closed or sealed with amembrane (vaginal plug) 60 days after mating. Animal with unplugged vagina 100 to 110 days after mating could be considered as not pregnant.4. Pass a cotton bud through the vulva at a depth of 3cm and draw it out, then observeany of the following and conclude as indicated:(Continue from page 36).Question 22: How many colonies do you advice I start with?Answer: The least i advice you to start with is 2 colonies so that you can better avoid inbreeding. Should you not have enough capital to buy 2 colonies, buy 1 extra male that you will use when the children of your Initial one colony are ready for sexual activities.Question 23: How can i tell that my female Grasscutters are in heat?Answer: For now, there has not been any VERIFIED claims as to what a female does that shows she is in heat. What I do is this…Knowing that female Grasscutters become sexually matured at 6months, I either transfer them to the male at 6months, or I weigh them before introducing them. If they weigh 1.5kg, they are ready for mating. The male has to be 0.5kg bigger than the female to avoid injuring her during mating.Question 24: How many Kg makes up an average table sized grasscutter?Answer: From 2kg upwards.Question 25: How can i avoid inbreeding?Answer: By not crossing male and females from the same father.

Question 26: How many times do Grasscutters give birth in a year and what is theaverage number per litter?Answer: Female Grasscutters give birth 2 times in a year and they give birth to between 3 and 11 Grasscuttlings.Question 27: How can I market my Grasscutters?Answer: You either market online or offline.Question 28: How can i sanitize my collection pan?Answer: Use Dettol, and detergent to wash it at least once in a week.Question 29: How lucrative is the Grasscutter Farming Industry?Answer: I have generated over N10,600,000 for myself and other farmers in this industry.Question 30: What are the causes of failure in Grasscutter Farming?Answer: 1. Failure to learn how to breed and handle Grasscutters.2. Lack of Marketing skills3. Natural causes i.e disease and sudden death.

Question 31: Can you send me that video i saw on Facebook?Answer: To get the video click on this link. Do well to click on the subscribe button underthe video so that you will be notified when i post new videos.Question 32: How much will be enough to start up a small scale grasscutter farm?Answer: See answer to Question 22.

Question 33: How much will be enough to start up a large scale grasscutter farm?Answer: I can’t tell…I supplied Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State 68 colonies isthat big enough?Question 34: What is their maturity period?Answer: See answer to question 5.Question 35: How do I make one million within 6 months into grasscutter farming?Answer: The only way to make money is to sell something. In Grasscutter farming, these are some of the products that I sell:1. Breeding Stocks2. Ebook3. Iron Cage Construction4. Pen & hutch construction etc.

Let me show you how to make over N1,000,000 selling Ebook and breeding stock:As a new farmer who has (lets assume) 3colonies, lets say you want to generate this money by selling your Ebook. All you have to do is to sell 31 copies of your Ebook every month for the next 6 months which will give you 186 copies. 186 copies x N5,500 is equal to N1,023,000 CASH.You can also help other Grasscutter farmers to get customers. Assuming you earn N10,000 from every customer that buys, you just need to get 17 orders every month for the next 6 months and you will make N1,020,000.Question 36: Can i convert my small poultry cage to Grasscutters cage?Answer: Yes you can, only if that cage is made of Iron. Grasscutters eat wood and your chicken’s wooden cage will serve them for dinner.Question 37: What and what are food for grasscutter?Answer: One of the beauty of Grasscutter farming is that you can source their food around you. In page 31 of the book “Grasscutter Money Machine”, I made a list of over 10 foods that they eat ranging from Elephant Grass, Guinea grass, Maize leaf, husk, stem and seeds, Cassava tubers, sugar cane, etc.

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