“New Book Reveals: How to Successfully Breed, Carefully Handle & Profitably Make Lots Of Money Selling Grasscutter”

written by Chinedu Eluwa on 5th May, 2020

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Dear friend,If you would like to become the type of person that consistently breeds Grasscutters successfully, handles them carefully, and makes a lot of money profitably selling them, then I have good news for you.You see…About 8 years ago, I discovered a powerful truth that changed my life.I found out that the ONLY way to truly succeed as a Grasscutter Farmer is by understanding and knowing the secrets to breeding, handling & selling Grasscutters.Think about it.Why do you think some people almost always know exactly what to do in order to make money from their Grasscutter business and become truly successful?We both know it has nothing to do with reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos on Grasscutter FarmingA lot of Grasscutter Farmers and Intending Grasscutter Farmers are struggling financiallyAnd it has nothing to do with lack of informationTruth is there is more information available today about doing Grasscutter Farming Business and making money from itWhy do you also think the majority of Grasscutter Farmers tend to struggle to succeed in this business?


In Order to Attract More Money and more customers for your Grasscutter Farming business on a Consistent Basis, You Have to Know What I call the “Grasscutter Farming Secrets” (GFS)DEFINITION: “Grasscutter Farming Secrets” are those set of Truths that guide every successful Grasscutter Farming Business. These secrets ensure that the one who knows them possesses the ability to successfully breed, carefully handle & profitably make lots of money selling Grasscutter.”When I discovered these truths, I set out to arm myself with these amazing secrets.It was a long and hard journey but I was determined.I had to read over 200 books & journals, attended various trainings and subscribed to various newsletters in order to reprogram my mind and turn myself into a Successful Grasscutter Farmer.Turning yourself into a Successful Grasscutter Farmer is more of a journey than a destination because you will always be learning new things as long as you are aliveTRUTH IS – If you take away all the money, resources, network and everything a Successful Grasscutter Farmer has today, just give him anything from 1-3 months and he will be back with more cash.That is because as long as he is still breathing, a “Successful Grasscutter Farmer” is programmed to attract great ideas and he knows exactly what to do to generate cash on demand.But the good thing is this:Once you have been able to arm yourself with these Secrets breeding, handling and selling issues will no longer be a part of your worries.Many people struggle and worry about successfully breeding, handling and selling their Grasscutters because they do not understand these truths – or because they do not know how to apply them.However, I believe you can turn yourself into a successful Grasscutter Farmer if you really want to badly… and if you know what to do.That is regardless of your age, gender or certificate.I can’t help you with your desire but I can help you by telling you what I have learnt about becoming a Successful Grasscutter Farmer over the years.And that is why I wrote an 82 paged easy-to-read book that explains what anyone can do to turn themselves into a Successful and Profitable Grasscutter Farmer.I Actually titled the Book:Grasscutter Farming Secrets: How To Successfully Breed, Carefully Handle & Profitably Make Lots Of Money Selling Grasscutter

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Here is what Mr. Ikediofor Justice has to say about this book…

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Here’s Just a Fraction of What’s Inside the Book And What It Might Mean For You:1. Discover the only type of mating we will ever use and why?2. Find out in which weather condition we will NEVER breed Grasscutters (and hear about a scary experience that kept us from breeding in that weather condition).3. Discover the right way to know when a female Grasscutter is in heat.4. Discover to care for a pregnant female to avoid aborting the baby5. Find out the best way to differentiate between a male and a female.6. Discover the best way to deworm Grasscutters to avoid complications7. Discover the right measurements for building the 4 types of Grasscutter cages 8. Discover the feed that guarantees rapid Growth in Grasscutters. 9. Discover the best way to construct a wooden cage to prevent the Grasscutters from chewing the wood.10. learn how to avoid inbreeding if you have only one colony.12. learn the diseases that Grasscutters are prone to, their signs, symptoms, solution and prevention13. Discover the recommended specie of Grasscutter for starting a Grasscutter farm14. Discover the medications used in treating Grasscutters.15. Find out how to know if a female was successfully mated.16. Discover 9 major foods we use to feed Grasscutters and how to source them without stress. 17. Learn the most effective ways to identify a pregnant Grasscutter18. Find out how long it takes for a Grasscutter to give birth to Grasscuttlings (and why you should identify pregnancy on time)19. Discover how to profitably make lots of money selling Grasscutter

When You Get This Book, You Will Also Get 2 Special Bonuses Worth N40,000BONUS 1


A 10-page ebook which helps you understand the Profit or Loss account, so you can interpret the accounts that an accountant gives to you, make sense of it, and make decisions to help your business grow.


A 19-page ebook that teaches you how to construct iron cages for breeding Grasscutters. Iron cages beautiful because of their mobile nature unlike the concrete cages that are static. In this ebook you will learn the measurement and full materials you need to make your very own iron cages.


A 21 page ebook that is a compilation of 94 frequently asked questions and their answers in Grasscutter Farming. In this book I answered some of the most important questions in grasscutter farming. This is a no fluff ebook, just direct questions and direct answers I gave to random people that asked me their most important question in Grasscutter farming. I bet you will find the answers to some of those questions in your mind in this ebook.                                     All For N2,500 Only

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I 100% Guarantee you’ll love this book and the bonuses I am adding or else I’ll return your N2,500 and still let you keep the book and the bonuses.Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your N1,999 with no questions asked.How’s that for fair?

Regular Price: N5,000Here Is Everything You Are Getting Today For Just N2,500MAIN PRODUCT: A copy of my book titled: “Grasscutter Farming Secrets”BONUS 1: A copy of 7 biggest Mistakes to avoid when Starting a Grasscutter Farm 

BONUS 2: How to construct Iron cages for Grasscutters 

BONUS 3: 94 frequently asked questions & their answers in Grasscutter farming

NOTE: Only digital copies are available.Ordering for this book is simple.And you can get access to everything (the book and bonuses) within the next five minutes if you order via Paystack on the order pagePaystack gives you instant access once you make payment.I wish you success in all your endeavours.


NOTE: Only digital copies are available.Paystack gives you instant access once you make payment.I wish you success in all your endeavours.

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Chinedu Eluwa is one of the world’s most sought after Grasscutter Farming Business Consultant. Within the last 3 years he has sold over N30 million worth of Grasscutter products & services from his home. He is the author of Grasscutter Farming Secrets: How To Successfully Breed, Carefully Handle And Profitably Make Lots Of Money Selling Grasscutters.

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