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Here Is How You Can “GRAB” All the Best Grasscutter Farming Materials I Have Acquired Over 8 YearsUse Them Shamelessly…Then Sit Back and Watch Your Grasscutter Farming Business Explode…and More Cash Pour Into Your Bank Account

FROM: Chinedu EluwaOnitsha, Anambra State

Dear friend,Let me go straight to the point.

We both know that access to the right breeding, handling & selling information is the life blood of any Grasscutter Farming business.Any Grasscutter Farming business that struggles to breed virile Grasscutters, struggles to handle them & struggles to bring in sales on a continuous basis will die soon enoughUnfortunately, this is what a lot of Grasscutter Farmers experience and they have no idea what to do about itI was fortunate to start studying Grasscutter breeding, handling & selling about 8 years ago and it has paid me well.

So, what I have for you here today is a package containing top notch Grasscutter Farming materials that I have used and acquired over the last 8 years.

Regardless of what micro-livestock you are farming, whether it is Catfish, Poultry, Snails, Pig, Honey bees, etc you can tweak these files and use them for your business.

This is no small package that I am about to put into your hands.

Here are the things you are getting below…​​

1.  Grasscutter Farming Business Plan Template (APPROVED):

A lot of people wish that they could afford a business consultant who will help them to write their Grasscutter Business plan or any other Agro business plan. These people are ready to pay as much as N200,000 to business consultant for this gig. No more need for that as you will be getting an already written Grasscutter Farming business plan that you can customize to suit your operation. Currently sells for N50,000.

2. The 7 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When 

Starting a Grasscutter Farm

Inside you will learn the 7 biggest mistakes every potential successful & profitable Grasscutter Farmer should avoid when starting a Grasscutter Farm. To make these 7 mistakes is equal to suicide in Grasscutter Farming. 

Currently sells for N5,000

3. How to Construct Iron Cages for 

Breeding Grasscutters

In this book I teach you how to build Iron cages for housing your Grasscutters with sample images and measurements. Currently sells for N5,000

4. Structural Plan for constructing a Large 

Scale commercial Grasscutter Farm:

Constructing a Large scale Grasscutter Farm for commercial purposes is no easy feat if you don’t get it right from the beginning.  Unfortunately most people starting out lose Grasscutters because of their pen rather than multiply them because they built the pen wrongly. In this plan you learn how to design your pen, how to demarcate them, This structural Design can save you 80% of future stress. 

Currently sells for N30,000

5. 94 Frequently Asked Questions in 

Grasscutter Farming & Their Answers:

I have taken the time to compile 94 frequently asked questions in Grasscutter Grasscutter Farming and also answered them. These FAQ will open your eyes to some of the questions others like you are asking in Grasscutter Farming and what their answers are. Currently sells for N5,000.

6. Facebook Ad Mastery For 

Grasscutter Farmers:

How do you run successful facebook advertisement for your Agro Products and Services…? In this training I’ll show step by step how to run profitable Facebook adverts for your Agro products using Grasscutter product as a template.  Are you breeding and selling Catfish, pigs, poultry, snails, Maize, etc in this course you will learn how to target the right people for your products. *Currently sells for N10,000*

7.  Grasscutter Farming Secrets Book 

(soft copy):

This is without doubt the book I wish I had when I started out… Inside it I detail the most important secrets for building a business as a highly paid Grasscutter Farmer. 

Currently sells for N5000*

To sweeten the deal…

You are going to also get the 5 bonuses below…

Bonus 1:

Client Pen & Cage Construction Proposal Template (PDF):

Your Ideal client wants to start a Catfish farm with a capacity of 5,000 catfish or a Grasscutter Farm with a capacity of 200 colonies. He requests you to give him a proposal stating what it will cost to setup the housing for the stocks…No need to stress yourself, just edit this professional template and submit to him. Its as simple as that.

Bonus 2:

How To Successfully Supply Grasscutters to your Buyers (Video Training):

Breeding Grasscutter is one thing. marketing it is another thing. Another thing is supplying them. Grasscutters never fully loose their wild instincts. When sending them off to a buyer, catching them and transferring them to a new buyer is not as easy as it is to breed them. In this video training, watch me as I supply a buyer LIVE.

Bonus 3:

How To Carefully Handle Grasscutters to Avoid Cutting Their Tales (Video Training):

The first day I received my foundation stocks, I made a mistake that cost the tail of Orji “The Don” Oko-osisi. In this Video Training you will learn the Various ways to carefully handle Grasscutters so as to avoid cutting their tails or suffocating them.

Bonus 4:

9 Business Opportunities in Grasscutter Farming (Video Training):

Inside you will learn the 9 business opportunities available to you as a Grasscutter Farmer and how to maximize them. This particular video training is like the golden bullet in your AK 47. It ensures you hit the ground running immediately you start your Grasscutter Farm.

Bonus 5:

How To Profitably Market Your Grasscutters in Nigeria & Beyond (Video Training):

As a new Grasscutter Farmer, I recommend that your first few activities in your Grasscutter farming business be centred around Marketing so as to provide revenue for your business before your animals litter. In this video, you will learn strategies you can use whether as an OG in Grasscutter farming or a newbie to dominate your market in Nigeria and beyond our borders.1. Grasscutter Farming Secrets Book(soft copy):This is without doubt the book I wish I had when I started out… Inside it I detail the most important secrets for building a business as a highly paid Grasscutter Farmer. 

Total Value: N110,000

But you won’t be paying anything close

In fact…this is going to be like a giveaway because all you need to grab this Grasscutter farming package is…

N16,000 Only 

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Make sure you get it now and start using these materials to ​grow your Grasscutter Farming business today.I wish you more winsYours,

Chinedu, Eze-Nchi

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