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In 2008 I was a Youth Corper serving at Kind Comprehensive Secondary School Wasimi, Ondo East L.G.A. My Allawi was just N9,775 a month By the time I bought food, kerosene and some important items, the money would have disappeared. It was around this time that I started searching for ways to make money from farming. Then one day, I visited Corper Ibrahim who was an Agro-economist serving at a Pig Farm at Afun another Settlement after Wasimi. Corper Ibrahim advised me to visit FRIN – Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria Ibadan that I could get further information there. I woke up one bright morning, dressed up in my NYSC attire and headed to town to board a bus to the ancient city of Ibadan. At FRIN, I saw Mushroom Farming, I saw Snail Farming, then I saw the AMAZING Grasscutter Farming. That was my first time seeing Grasscutters being domesticated. I was captivated by the Idea of domesticating this delicious bushmeat for a couple of reasons; ~80-85% of their feed is grasses ~They don’t have an offensive smell ~They don’t require a lot of space ~Everything I need to feed them can be gotten around me It was just the perfect and amazing Idea The next hurdle? How can I make money from breeding these Grasscutters? I really wanted to learn how to do that because there were not many farmers breeding them. Plus the demand was freaking high. At FRIN they were just hoarding information. They wanted everybody coming to just be spectators. It was really annoying. Only one farmer agreed to teach me… And Charged me a Fee of N34,000 😳 Jesu! My 3 months allawee. I called my dad and he completed the money for me. Guess what? It was almost the same Info scattered on google and youtube I couldn’t start anything as I got more confused and overwhelmed. I almost quit… 😟 But then something kept reassuring me that this could be the difference between me and other corpers after service. So I continued my research myself and was able to figure a few things out all by myself. Fast forward to today… Not only have I set up Grasscutter Farms For Notable Nigerian’s including his excellency Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, I also facilitate workshops and empowerment programs for both the Federal and state ministries of Agriculture. I have spent a lot of money on mastering the art & science of Grasscutter Farming… And as a result, I know exactly how to successfully breed Grasscutters. I know how to properly differentiate between a male and a female Grasscutter. I know over 10 foods that are best to feed Grasscutters with. I know how to discover when a female is in heat and how to know if she was successfully mated. I know the 3 major ways to identify a pregnant Grasscutter. I know the various diseases Grasscutters are prone to, their symptoms, preventive measures, and treatments and I also know how to make lots of money selling Grasscutters. These are some of the things you need to know if you must succeed as a Grasscutter Farmer… And you don’t even need to become good at it like me. If you are interested in learning how to breed, handle & make money selling Grasscutters, then get a copy of my book titled: “Grasscutter Farming Secrets: How to successfully breed, carefully handle & profitably make lots of money selling grasscutters.” ezenchi studio pic edited march 2021 2 This book touches virtually every aspect of Grasscutter breeding, handling & selling. The contents are practical and real. You will get answers to Grasscutter Farming issues you face every day. It is written with openness. It’s easy to read and straight to point. Each topic is well explained. If you would like to make your experience as a Grasscutter Farmer very fulfilling, if you would like to be someone other Grasscutter Farmers would look up to and admire your success as a Grasscutter farmer, if you would like to someday look back to the days when you were struggling to start & run your grasscutter farm and smile with pride, then this “Grasscutter Farming Secrets” is a must for you. GFS BOOK COVER ORIGINAL Copy

My name is Chinedu Eluwa and I’m the author of “Grasscutter Farming Secrets.” My contacts are 07081382178 and, feel free to reach out.

The followings are glimpses of what you are going to discover inside the pages of this “Grasscutter Farming Secrets” when you have your copy.

1. Discover the only type of mating we will ever use and why?
2. Find out in which weather condition we will NEVER breed Grasscutters and why.
3. Discover the right way to know when a female Grasscutter is in heat.
4. Find out the real gestation period of Grasscutters(and why you should identify pregnancy on time)
5. Discover to care for a pregnant female to avoid aborting the baby
6. Find out the best way to differentiate between a male and a female.
7. Discover the best way to deworm Grasscutters to avoid complications
8. Discover the right measurements for building the 4 types of Grasscutter cages
9. Discover the feed that guarantees rapid Growth in Grasscutters.
10. Discover the best way to construct a wooden cage to prevent the Grasscutters from chewing the wood.
11. learn how to avoid inbreeding if you have only one colony.
12. learn the diseases that Grasscutters are prone to, their signs, symptoms, solution and prevention
13. Discover the recommended specie of Grasscutter for starting a Grasscutter farm
14. Discover the medications used in treating Grasscutters.
15. Find out how to know if a female was successfully mated.
16. Discover 9 major foods we use to feed Grasscutters and how to source them without stress.
17. Learn the most effective ways to identify a pregnant Grasscutter
18. Discover how to market Grasscutters from you home
19. Discover how use social media to sell Grasscutters
20. Find out how to leverage search engines to sell your Grasscutters
21. Discover the community growth strategy that can get a lot of customers begging to buy your Grasscutters even before they are ready for sale.
22. Etc



Grasscutter Farming Secrets Book, Nigeria

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