How Can I Avoid Inbreeding When I Start With One Colony Of Grasscutter?

written by Chinedu Eluwa on March 8, 2021

Back when I started my breeding program, I learnt a very hard lesson.

I started with a male & 4 females but wasn't taught about inbreeding. Inbreeding is mating of animals with their immediate family.

After Cynthia, Nancy, Philo and Nneka took in I was overjoyed seeing my Grasscutters multiply. When the females they birthed where approaching sexual maturity, I was contemplating who to mate the females with. After a while I decided to pair them with their father Orji Okosisi.

After doing mekwe with all his female Children they all took in.

Oboy see me see happiness nah.

After the deliveries my farm started swelling with Grasscutters to the point I didn't have space to put them so I left them on the floor to perambulate.

Sometimes I will wake up to shouts from Mama Arinze...

"Edu come o, your Grasscutters have finished my Cassava o."

Mama Arinze was my neighbor who buys cassava tubers in bulk for her cassava flakes business. Some of those Grasscutters I left on the floor would be led by their leader Jasper to mama Arinze's heap of Cassava and they would start masticating free cassava.

If not that I was in the good books of mama Arinze na vigilante & Police for dey settle our case. It was funny at times.

Then the unthinkable started happening...

I'd wake up to clean my cage and meet a dead Grasscutter. The next day 2 or 3, some good days 1.

My Father of blessed memory always consoled me.

At a point I couldn't take it anymore and started looking for solution.

That period I was studying for my Master's degree program at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka and remembered passing by
ADP - Agric development Project on my way to school.

One faithful day I walked in there and requested to see the person in Charge of Grasscutter. They called Oga Emma for me and I explained my challenges,

Oga Emma asked me 2 questions:

1. How clean is your farm? "97%" I replied.
2. Did you Practice Inbreeding?

Ghen Ghen, that was the sound I heard in my head. The same sound that Nollywood play in their videos when wahala don burst.

I answered yes sir with my fallen shoulders.

He smiled and gave me an advise.

"Sell all those stocks and restock"

This was my punishment for just 1 single mistake.

What should I have done differently?

Like me at that time, you might have money to buy only one colony of Grasscutter at the moment. When you buy them and they give birth, do not use the father or their brothers to mate them. Doing that is inbreeding.

The same way I cannot procreate with my daughters nor procreate with my sisters the same way we don't recommend you procreate Grasscutters of the same family.

Here is what you do...

Get a virile male from outside your farm & pair them with those female Children to start a new family that way you avoid the consequences of Inbreeding.


‚ÄčChinedu Eluwa

Chinedu Eluwa is a Grasscutter Business man. He researches and creates helpful content to guide Nigerians on Grasscutter Farming, Entrepreneurship & Marketing. Get his ebook Grasscutter Money Machine through the link below...


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