How Do I Setup & Manage My Grasscutter Farm In An Urban Area Where There Is No Much Grasses?

written by Chinedu Eluwa on March 9, 2021

Grasscutters are cheap to feed.

One of the major food Grasscutters eat is grasses.

Grasses form over 80% of their feed intake. This is the reason why it is more preferable to other micro-livestock.

But what happens when you live in an urban area where you don't have much access to grasses but because of the love you have for them you would still love to breed them?

If you live in an urban area, I think your assessment is inconclusive like some INEC elections. Before you draw your conclusion, I want you to take the next 1week to source for 2 major Grasses that Grasscutters eat well and these Grasses grow everywhere except during the dry season when they naturally disappear.

The first is Elephant grass: When I was growing up, the first rodents I bred was guinea pigs. I bought 1 male & 1 pregnant female from my friend & classmate then Chigozie IfeanyI CEO of Sharktech. I was in Jss3 then. Once school closes for the day, we go back home, I change into my casuals, pick up my sac bag and machete and

head to Gozie's house. We would head in Queen of the Rosary College to collect them.

This grass does exceeding well during the rainy season and has its stem resembling sugar cane stem.

The second is Guinea Grass: Where I presently stay at federal housing estate, the dominant Grass here is Guinea grass. During the rainy season they do exceedingly well but disappear during the dry season.

If after searching for these 2 Grasses & you don't see them, then you can either plant them or switch to feeding them with sugar cane & Ugu Stem. These 2 can be interchanged in the morning and the evening while you feed them supplementary food in the afternoon. You can also introduce Hydroponics.

Don't conclude yet on the absence of fodder, try for the next 1 week and then see what you can find.

At the Grasscutter Researchers & Farmers summit holding at Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, we will be showing farmers alternative foods they can feed their Grasscutters on during the dry season so they can always have the right quality of food for them all year round.

Will you be there?

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