How Many Colonies Of Grasscutters Should I Start With As A Beginner?

written by Chinedu Eluwa on March 6, 2021

Let us start by understanding the term "Colony."

A colony or family is a group of Grasscutters grouped for the purpose of pro-creation. In the wild, Grasscutters are polygamous in Nature.

A male Grasscutter can have a harem of about 6 females. In the bid to domesticate Grasscutters because of their economic benefits, researchers came up with a grouping of 1 male to 4 females. This became the basis for other pairings.

As a beginner, the number of colonies you start with is dependent on 3 factors...

1. Your breeding stock budget
2. Your housing budget
3. Your knowledge budget.

1. Your breeding stock budget is how much you have to buy breeding stocks considering the fact that a colony costs between 90 to 180,000 depending on the size you are starting with. You can start with 1 colony, 2 colonies, 5 colonies, 10 colonies, 20, 30 even 50 colonies as long as you have the budget for it.

2. Your housing budget. Even if you have the budget to buy 100 colonies of Grasscutters and you do not have the commensurate budget for housing them, my brother that one na wahala o. That is why buying breeding stock comes after building appropriate housing for your Grasscutters. Ensure that the housing you are building or have available will take expansion into account so that it wouldn't be that when they start producing you won't have anywhere to put them.

3. Your knowledge budget. Developing your knowledge base in Grasscutter farming shouldn't be a one off thing which is a major mistake many new farmers make. Oya imagine not upgrading the app you are using to read this post since 2019. You will be missing out on a whole lot of new features and upgrades that has been added since then. This is how it is in every industry. Your Grasscutter Farming knowledge acquisition should be a continuous journey. Learn from social media, learn from Google, learn from forums, learn from farmers, by all means keep learning.


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