Is There A Market For Grasscutter Products?

written by Chinedu Eluwa on March 7, 2021

Ofcourse, if there isn't I won't be selling anything related to Grasscutters.

This year will make me a 9years veteran in the busines.

There are 4 markets that buy Grasscutters...

Market 1: They buy to consume
Market 2: They buy to sell to those who consume
Market 3: They buy to breed
Market 4: They buy for research purposes

The first market of people who buy to consume include individuals who like Grasscutter meat, event organizers who buy to serve their guests at events.

The second market include bush bars, restaurants, hotels. These buy to sell to the final consumer.

The 3rd market include farmers, intending farmers, who buy to breed & sell to those who also breed or consume.

The final market include those who buy for research purposes like B.Sc & P.hd students, organizational researchers & independent researchers.

When I came into the industry, I chose to target the market that buy to breed because they were my target audience as specified in my business plan.

Which of the markets or market can you best serve?

Will you be better off supplying table size to Bush bars & restaurants?

Or will you be better off selling to breeders?

What does your business plan say and what business model are you adopting?


‚ÄčChinedu Eluwa

Chinedu Eluwa is a Grasscutter Business man. He researches and creates helpful content to guide Nigerians on Grasscutter Farming, Entrepreneurship & Marketing. Get his ebook Grasscutter Money Machine through the link below...


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