9 Business Opportunities in Grasscutter Farming

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This ebook is for every Grasscutter Farmer & intending Grasscutter Farmer

Grasscutter Farmers keep talking about ‘starting & running a successful Grasscutter Farm', but no one is telling you how exactly.

More and more times you hear, “Grasscutter Farming for profits”. Again, no one is saying how.


Dear farmer, the one sure way to run a successful Grasscutter Farming business, that will survive while you are alive and even after you, is to learn & practice “Grasscutter Farming secrets.”

One of the secrets of Grasscutter Farming, which everyone preaches is: SUCCESSFUL BREEDING.

The questions that no one answers are:
– How do I know if a female Grasscutter was successfully mated?
– How do I identify a pregnant Grasscutter?
– What weather condition is most suitable for raising grasscutter?
– What are the feed that guarantee rapid growth of Grasscutters?
– How can I avoid inbreeding?

These questions and several more, this ebook answers.
It is one sure Guide for every Practicing Grasscutter Farmer & Intending Grasscutter Farmer.

Here's Just a Fraction of What's Inside the Book And What It Might Mean For You:

1. Discover the only type of mating we will ever use and why?
2. Find out in which weather condition we will NEVER breed Grasscutters and why.
3. Discover the right way to know when a female Grasscutter is in heat.
4. Discover to care for a pregnant female to avoid aborting the baby
5. Find out the best way to differentiate between a male and a female.
6. Discover the best way to deworm Grasscutters to avoid complications
7. Discover the right measurements for building the 4 types of Grasscutter cages
8. Discover the feed that guarantees rapid Growth in Grasscutters.
9. Discover the best way to construct a wooden cage to prevent the Grasscutters from chewing the wood.
10. learn how to avoid inbreeding if you have only one colony.
12. learn the diseases that Grasscutters are prone to, their signs, symptoms, solution and prevention
13. Discover the recommended specie of Grasscutter for starting a Grasscutter farm
14. Discover the medications used in treating Grasscutters.
15. Find out how to know if a female was successfully mated.
16. Discover 9 major foods we use to feed Grasscutters and how to source them without stress.
17. Learn the most effective ways to identify a pregnant Grasscutter
18. Find out how long it takes for a Grasscutter to give birth to Grasscuttlings (and
why you should identify pregnancy on time)
19. Discover how to profitably make lots of money selling Grasscutter
20. Etc

You do not just get this book – You also get 5 amazing bonuses

A 15-page ebook that shows you the 7 biggest mistakes to avoid when starting a Grasscutter Farm. Most people that start a Grasscutter farm start with so much enthusiasm that they fall into the 7 deadly traps in the Grasscutter Farming industry. In this ebook you will learn how to avoid these traps and build a successful Grasscutter business. (VALUE= N5,000)

A 19-page ebook that teaches you how to construct iron cages for breeding Grasscutters. Iron cages beautiful because of their mobile nature unlike the concrete cages that are static. In this ebook you will learn the measurement and full materials you need to make your very own iron cages. (VALUE= N5,000)

A 21 page ebook that is a compilation of 94 frequently asked questions and their answers in Grasscutter Farming. In this book I answered some of the most important questions in grasscutter farming. This is a no fluff ebook, just direct questions and direct answers I gave to random people that asked me their most important question in Grasscutter farming. I bet you will find the answers to some of those questions in your mind in this ebook. (VALUE= N7,500)

The “Advanced Grasscutter farming Online Video Course.” is a 7 Module COURSE which will take you by the hand and teach you step-by-step how to start a Successful & Profitable Grasscutter Farming Business. (VALUE= N29,999)

This folder contains 83 scientific papers written on Grasscutter Farming and published in both international & Local journals. This scientific papers are written around Grasscutter reproduction, biology, anatomy, nutrition, morphometry, disease, production, economics, parasitology, toxicology, histology etc. (VALUE = N50,000)



Here is what Efughi has to say about the book…


Yes, it is a steal. You would wonder why we pegged the price at N5,000 Naira only.


You finally get to understand how to successfully breed, carefully handle & profitably make lots of money selling Grasscutter

Time is running out – the bonuses will disappear soon


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