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How To Make $60/N35,000 Per Grasscutter Colony…Even If You Don’t Have a Grasscutter Farm


Dear Friend,

Do you want to learn how To Make $60/N35,000 Per Grasscutter Colony…Even If they Don’t Have A Grasscutter Farm?


I started my Grasscutter Farming Business on the 20th of March 2012, 20th of March 2022 will make it 10 years that I have been doing business in this industry.

Over the course of this 10 years, I have worked with a lot of high profile Nigerians & Organizations helping them stock their Grasscutter Farms with Grasscutter colonies for both themselves and their audiences and I have made some good money in return.

I supplied the Grasscutter colonies that His Excellency Governor Samuel Ortom the Executive Governor of Benue State used to start his farm…

I supplied the Grasscutter colonies that Songhai Farms in Benin (Edo state) used to start their Grasscutter farm…

I supply Grasscutter colonies to people both the federal & state Ministries of Agriculture bring/recommend to me…

I’ve trained hundreds of Farmers for both of them too…

In all my 10 years of being in this business, I have discovered that the major challenge people have for not starting a Grasscutter farm as at when due is probably because of…


What this means is that since the cost of acquiring enough breeding stock to start your Grasscutter business is not available, a lot of people like you who have the passion to go into this business are left to sit on the side and just watch and clap for those who have the money to buy enough breeding stocks and breed.

It means that you will constantly be in the comment section typing congratulations to people whose Grasscutters give birth and who also gets an order to supply colonies of Grasscutters to their buyers.

Am not saying its not good to congratulate orders when they are doing well in something they like, am just saying that you should be amongst those who are being congratulated when you get an order to supply, 20, 50, 100 colonies etc.

Over the past 10years, I have earned $60/N35,000 per colony of Grasscutter I supply whenever I do not have Grasscutters in my Farm. This is a skill that I have perfected over the years thereby ensuring that I never stop making money even when I don’t have animals.

Won’t you like to have this same results?

I know that you don’t have a Grasscutter farm now because you don’t have the money to buy breeding stocks yet…

For some other set of people I know that that the Grasscutters in your farm right now are not ready for sale and you need to bring in revenue for your business….

That is why I created this course for you. 

Imagine supplying 10 colonies of Grasscutters to a customer and you make $60/N35,000 per colony, that would make you $600/N350,000…

Imagine supplying 20 colonies and you make $60/N35,000 per colony, that’s $1,200/N700,000…

Imagine Supplying 68 colonies to the Governor of Benue state like I did and earning $60/N35,000 per colony, you would make $4,080/N2,380,000

Or Imagine like Mr. Sammy Ades you supply 150 colonies to a customer in Adamawa and you make $60/N35,000 per colony, you will make a total of $9,000/N5,250,000

What will you do with all this money you will make?.

You would finally be able to start your own Grasscutter Farm…

You would finally hit your income goals…

…buy that car you wanted.

…travel to Dubai if you want

You’d be recognized as one of the top Grasscutter business men in the industry.


And finally you’d be able to do that ONE THING you have been praying for since this year started.

Well, the good news is that all these can happen for you if you get this course GRASSCUTTER MONEY BLUEPRINT: “How To Make $60/N35,000 Per Grasscutter Colony Even If You Don’t Have A Grasscutter Farm.”. 


Quickly click the “GET NOW” button to get your copy NOW! 



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