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written by Chinedu Eluwa on February 23, 2022

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I was studying for my Masters degree at Nnamdi Aikiwe Universty Awka When I started my Grasscutter business. Though I attended a one day training at a Farm in Ogun state and also read up online, when I recieved my first Grasscutter colony, I was tensed. I even mistakenly cut the tail of the male. What started as a tense reception turned into a real interest to find out a formula for success in Grasscutter farming. I was researching Grasscutter anatomy, breeding and management, hematology, microbiology, parasitology,pathology, pharmacology and physiology. I was looking for a pattern.You might call what I found an “algorithm”, a formula that people use to achieve sustainable success in Grasscutter farming. This algorithm can be replicated. It can be personalized. This simple formula goes like this… SB+CH+PS = SUCCESS. So What Exactly Is SB+CH+PS?SB: SUCCESSFUL BREEDING.Back when I started my Grasscutter farming business in 2012, it took me quite sometime before my animals became pregnant and delivered their Grasscuttings. I even lost a lot Grasscutters in my learning phase. It wasn’t easy. People around me mocked me. They said my mates were doing poultry, fish and pig farming and I chose Grasscutter farming. They saw me as daft. But they didn’t see what I saw in Grasscutter Farming. What I did was to dig in and kept researching and learning till I learnt how to successfully breed Grasscutters. Today I know when Grasscutters are pregnant, I know when they are sick and how to treat them, I know all the foods they eat & don’t eat, I know the do’s and don’ts of Grasscutter farming. I even wrote an amazing book titled Grasscutter farming Secrets. Learning how to successfully breed Grasscutters is a very important knowlegde you must posses if you intend to breed Grasscutters. Armed with that ability, you are almost a your destination.CH: CAREFUL HANDLING. When I was still staying at Okpoko, I learnt something from one elderly man we call Shine bobo. Shine shine said…”A bad workman quarrels with his tools.”This is very insightful. If you do not know how to handle Grasscutters your hand will always pay the price. You will be like the Quack Carpenter who always hits his finger with his hammer when hitting a nail. It is important you learn how to handle Grasscutters because you will handle them for reasons ranging from checking their sex, checking for pregnancy, treatment of wounds, separation etc. If you don’t handle carefully, you will cut their tails, rupture their vital organs and stress them. To avoid this learn how to handle them or use nets and restrictors. Once you learn handling, you are at the gate of success.PS: PROFITABLE SALES.I want you to imagine something…Imagine that after producing plumpy and healthy Grasscutters you encounter challenges selling them and even when you sell, you sell them anyhow without profits in mind. The moment you learn how to sell Grasscutters profitably then you have become a complete and successful Grasscutter farmer. And with a plethora of social media available to us now, you really do not have any excuse not to sell your animals profitably. Have you seen what the guys in Ecommerce are doing?These men are making crazy money selling products they sourced for an affordable price. They come online and sell them for crazy amounts and still people buy. You are not different. Today I charge you to stand up and be counted. Your Ideal Customers are out waiting for you to show them your Grasscutter products. Show up and make this sales. If not that I was showing up I wouldn’t have been able to generate over millions of Naira selling Grasscutters over the past 4 years. SB+CH+PS will help you acquire experiences that will promote & prosper your Grasscutter Farming business. However, the formula doesn’t work unless you do. The potential is there waiting to be unleashed!Will you rise & and be counted?The ball is now in your court, Eze-Nchi has done his part.I hope this helps!Cheers!#chinedueluwa#grasscutterfarming#GrasscutterFarmingPaysPHOTO CREDIT: UnknownP.S: If you loved this, you’d love more of the content I share on my Facebook profile. Click the link below to follow me on Facebook… on the link, it will open my profile, then click “FOLLOW.” P.S.S: Click the link below to join these 200 lucky people who will learn how to make $60/N35,000 Per Colony of Grasscutter…Even If You Don’t Have a Grasscutter Farm. 

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Chinedu Eluwa

Chinedu Eluwa is one of the worlds most sought after Grasscutter Farming Business Consultant . Within the last 5 years he has sold over N30,000,000 worth of Grasscutter Farming products & services from his home. He is the founder of Highly Paid Grasscutter Farming Network.

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