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written by Chinedu Eluwa on February 23, 2022

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“Driver I will stop here”, I said.I stepped out of the bus, dipped my hand into my pocket, grabbed the money and paid him. After he zoomed off, I crossed the express and started walking towards the ADP complex. I got to the reception and requested to see the person in Charge of Grasscutter farming.Few weeks before that day, I had been experiencing a lot of mortalities. I’ll wake up every other morning and see like 2 or 3 dead Grasscutters.”What could be happening?” I asked myself. I was feeding them well…I was cleaning their cage as at when due…When I could no longer take it I decided to visit Ministry of Agriculture and talk to whoever is in Charge of Grasscutter Farming. The receptionist called the person in Charge and he came.Oga Emma asked me 2 questions…He said…”How well do you sanitize their cages?” I told him my sanitation is almost 100%.”Did you practise inbreeding?”Ghen Ghen!I had practised inbreeding when I started my Grasscutter Farm…Because I started with just 1 colony of Grasscutter, I used the Father to mate every female birthed in the farm. I also mated male and female siblings.As I told him this story he shook his head and told me to sell all those Grasscutters and start again. He advised me never to practise inbreeding if I was going to have a healthy farm. He told me that inbreeding produces animals with weak genes and should be discouraged. It wasn’t easy but I took his advice and applied it. I practised inbreeding because I felt there was no cirumstance attached to it because when I was a boy raising guinea pigs, I practised inbreeding and grew my guinea pigs from 2 to over 100.I later researched and realised that I had been shooting myself on the foot. If you start your farm with 1 colony of Grasscutter, when the 4 females give birth, get new males from outside your farm and start new families for the females.Do not mate the Father with his children.Do not mate the male children with the female children, thats inbreeding.Get virile males from outside your farm and create a healthy farm for your business. Except you want to learn the hard way like me. I don’t want that for you.Cheers!#GrasscutterFarmingPays​#GrasscutterFarmingPays​​​#chinedueluwa#grasscutterfarming#GrasscutterFarmingPaysP.S: If you loved this, you’d love more of the content I share on my Facebook profile. Click the link below to follow me on Facebook… on the link, it will open my profile, then click “FOLLOW.” P.S.S: Click the link below to join these 200 lucky people who will learn how to make $60/N35,000 Per Colony of Grasscutter…Even If You Don’t Have a Grasscutter Farm.

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Chinedu Eluwa

Chinedu Eluwa is one of the worlds most sought after Grasscutter Farming Business Consultant . Within the last 5 years he has sold over N30,000,000 worth of Grasscutter Farming products & services from his home. He is the founder of Highly Paid Grasscutter Farming Network.

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